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Reduce boot up, calculation, and graphics response times and revolutionize how your HP Z Workstation handles large files with the HP Z Turbo Drive TLC G4 SSD, a remarkably affordable and innovative PCIe-based NVMe memory SSD storage solution.

HP Z Turbo Drive. SDD, capacidad: 512 GB, Factor de forma de disco SSD: M.2, Componente para: PC

Ref. Fabricante: 1PD60AA
Altura: 13 mm
Ancho: 81 mm
Componente para: PC
Factor de forma de disco SSD: M.2
Interfaz: PCI Express 3.0
NVMe: Si
Peso: 34,1 g
Productos compatibles: Z4/Z6 G4
Profundidad: 39 mm
SDD, capacidad: 512 GB
Segmento HP: Negocios
Tipo de memoria: TLC